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Resident Information

Access Control

A valid fob and/or remote is required to access your nominated doors within Belle Apartments.  An accepted fob will unlock doors for approximately 5 seconds.  Fob acceptance is indicated by a green light (LED) on the reader and a beep noise. When exiting through the foyer doors, you will need to press the “exit” button.  For other access doors, simply turn the free handle to exit.

Lift Access Control

You can access your apartment, ground floor amenities.

Care of your Access Swipe and Remote

Your access swipe/fob/remote may get damaged if it is placed near a magnetic source and/or submerged in water.  It is each resident’s responsibility to take care of their access device.

Vehicle Access

The car park tilt door is access controlled;

Residents must use their remote controls to open the roller door.  Residents are reminded to ensure no other person accesses the roller door at this time.

Access Security

Residents are reminded;

Do not provide access to people you do not know;

This includes tradespeople and people claiming to be residents that have lost a key and/or similar.

Although you may want to be helpful, please direct them to contact:

  • A resident that knows them
  • Engine Property Group on 1800 364 463 (business hours)

If you have any concerns. Please contact the Police on 000.


Box Hill is occasionally subject to very strong winds.  During windy periods, there is a high risk of items left on balconies, including furniture to be lifted and flying from balconies onto other properties or the street below.

To prevent this, please ensure all belongings are appropriately secured.  Your cooperation is essential to ensuring the health and safety of all residents and visitors to Belle Apartments.


It is the resident’s responsibility under the Owners Corporation rules to ensure the correct maintenance is carried out on their balconies.

Dropping items from balconies

The dropping of cigarette butts, bottles, or any other item from balconies in not only inconsiderate but may also lead to injury or damage.  Residents are reminded that Belle Apartments is home to a large number of residents


Bicycles can be stored in the purpose built bicycle storage units and/or private storage cages located within the internal carpark area.

Bicycles are not to be taken through the Ground Floor lobby and must enter and exit the building via the carpark entrance/exit.

Bicycles may not be inappropriately stored on or attached to Common Property.


Pets are not permitted in the Ground Floor Area (Kitchen/Lounge & BBQ Area) at anytime.

Animals must be on a leash while in common areas; such as carparks and lifts.

Animals should not be left unattended on balconies.

Residents must ensure their animals do not urinate and/or defecate on Common Property.  In the event of an accident, residents must ensure they clean up after their pets.

Residents found to not adhere to these rules will have the costs of additional cleaning levied back to their lot.


All renovations require prior approval from the Owners Corporation.  Please contact Engine Property Group for further information.

Residents are advised to not proceed until they have received written confirmation from the Owners Corporation.

Renovations include but are not limited to aircon installations, carpets, flooring windows etc.  Fire systems may need to be isolated.  It is safer to ask before proceeding with any work.

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